Replace http links with https | WordPress plugin to update URLs

When you move your wordpress site from HTTP to HTTPS, your site will be left with full of old HTTP URLs. This post helps you on how to replace http links with https.

WordPress Plugin to update URLs

Replacing the HTTP links with HTTPS manually is a painful thing especially if you have large number of site content (posts, pages, attachments etc). To make your job easy, there is a wordpress plugin called Velvet Blues Update URLs which quickly replaces all HTTP links with HTTPS.

Velvet Blues Update URLs features

User can choose to update

  • URLs in excerpts
  • URLs in posts, pages
  • URLs for attachments (images, documents etc) which are embedded in page content
  • URLs in links

It displays count for how many URLs are updated. See below screenshot.


This plugin is also used for many other purposes. Suppose if you updated domain name, you can use this plugin to replace all old domain URLs on your site with new domain name.

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