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Find videos with subtitles only on YouTube

search keyword to filter videos with subtitles

If you want videos with subtitles only on YouTube, then add CC  to your search query. It displays only videos with subtitles. Example: Movie, CC Add long or short (comma separated) to filter long (> 20 min) or short (<4 min) videos.

How to find long videos only on YouTube?

query to find long videos on YouTube

Simple search query to find only long videos (more than 20 minutes) in YouTube search results. Add keyword long to the search query. Example: prank, long If you want only short videos (less than 4 minutes) in search results , then use keyword Short Example: short film, short

How to find 4K or HD videos only on YouTube?

search query to get 4K videos only on YouTube

If you want to see HD (High-definition) videos only in YouTube search results, then add keyword hd to the search query. Example: avatar, hd To get only 4K Ultra High Definition videos in search results, add 4K to the search query. Example: movie, 4K

16 steps to record desktop screen with YouTube


To record computer screen and upload it to YouTube, normally we follow below steps Download and Install a screencasting software Click on “Record” button to record selected desktop screen Upload the created video to YouTube But, in this article, im going to explain how you can record desktop screen with YouTube, without using any desktop software. For […]

2 best ways to download YouTube video’s subtitles


YouTube is the popular online video content platform. Millions of users watch videos on it and many videos are available with subtitles. If you found subtitles for a video only on YouTube and if you want to download, you can’t download the subtitles directly from YouTube. You need a third party online tool or app […]

3 Steps to watch YouTube video in VLC media player


You can play YouTube videos outside YouTube using VLC media player. Below are the simple steps to watch YouTube video in VLC media player. Steps Open VLC media player (make sure you have the updated one, else download) Go to VLC Menu -> Open Media -> click “Open Network …” Enter YouTube video URL and click on […]

Easy ways to watch YouTube videos in slow motion or fast motion


It is easy to watch YouTube videos in slow motion or fast-motion. The YouTube player lets you set the playback speed of videos. Below article explains step by step instructions to play the YouTube video in slow or fast motion. Steps to play YouTube videos in slow-motion or fast-motion Go to YouTube Open any video […]